Unit 8 – Vitamins and Minerals Part 1

8.8 Vitamin and Mineral Infographics

Infographics are used to visually display information or data. They have exploded in popularity in the last decade. We find them on Facebook, on websites, in advertisements, and in textbooks.

 MTSU Nutrition and Food Science students in Advanced Nutrition II during spring 2022 created the graphics listed below. The students used the free version of Canva templates to create them.

The ones listed below include the RDA for teens and adults, the top four food sources with amounts, main functions, deficiency conditions, and some fun facts about about six vitamins and six minerals . Consider using them to help review the main concepts about these nutrients.

Twelve Common Vitamins and Minerals

Click for a concise overview of the most common vitamins and minerals.



The infographics were created by students in MTSU’s Advanced Nutrition II (micronutrients)  class during spring 2022.

MTSU junior-level Dietetics students: 
Front row, from left, Angela Richardson, Piper Smith, Nada Abdelghani, Alicia Burns, and Brian Segovia.    Back row, from left, Emily Vivrette, Sydney Chapman, Anderson Schubert, Erica Aldin, Erik Dempsey, Tylor Armistead, and Jennifer Luy.





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