English Graduate Student Organization

The English Graduate Student Organization represents and serves the interests of MTSU English graduate students by establishing a forum and channels of communication for discussions and dissemination of relevant information, communicating English graduate students’ needs to the administration and campus community, offering avenues for networking with faculty and the general MTSU academic community, and providing opportunities for professional development through workshops, symposia, and colloquia.

Additionally, EGSO positions itself as a community center for the English graduate population. In doing so, EGSO strives to provide a space for the English graduates to build a strong sense of unity and support for all things that they might encounter throughout their tenure in the MTSU English graduate program. EGSO strives to listen and adapt to the ever-changing needs of the English graduate community in its efforts to assist graduate students not only from a professional standpoint, but also from a strong personal one.

Membership is open to all graduate students fully accepted into the English Graduate Studies Program and membership shall be limited to currently enrolled MTSU students, faculty, and/or staff members.

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