41 Standards and Expectations

The English Graduate Program assumes important responsibilities in preparing students for professional work in teaching, research, and other areas. The faculty seek to prepare students by providing courses, seminars, speakers, research experience, mentoring, and other activities and resources relevant to students’ studies and preparation. While faculty will attend to specific needs of students when feasible, students should understand that the demands of accreditation, the university, and the College of Graduate Studies, as well as the program, render it ultimately impossible to make exceptions to program requirements.

Graduate students in turn assume a responsibility to understand and meet all program requirements and observe policies and procedures, including any measures instituted by MTSU in response to natural disasters, health emergencies, etc. As soon as feasible, students should communicate to the Graduate Advisor or Graduate Program Director their plans regarding dates for completion of coursework, portfolios, theses, and dissertations, exam scheduling, deadlines, and other information relevant to their satisfactory progress.

Students are expected to arrange their schedules to accommodate class meeting times and the office hours of professors.

While faculty attempt to address individual needs when feasible, they are also obligated to apply all university, College of Graduate Studies, and English Graduate Program policies and procedures impartially to all students. Students who require special accommodations related to a disability should work through the Disability & Access Center (615-898-2783; Keathley University Center, Room 107; or dacemail@mtsu.edu).


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