48 Thesis

The thesis is a work of original, advanced research written in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Master of Arts degree with a thesis option. A short monograph, usually 70 to 100 pages in length, the thesis develops a unified, coherent argument and makes an original contribution to the field of study. While a thesis may take an idea explored in a previous class and significantly expand and develop its line of argument into a much larger, more complex work, the research and writing done for the thesis should represent significant new work.

Once an M.A. student enrolls in ENGL 6640: Thesis Research, that student is expected to enroll in at least one hour of thesis research each Fall and Spring semester until the thesis is completed. However, only 3 hours of 6640 may be applied toward the requisite number of English course credits. (There are certain complications for students who have federal loans. Such students should discuss their plans in detail with the Graduate Advisor before registering for thesis hours.)


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