Appendix 4: Timeline and Checklist for Ph.D. Degree

This timeline and checklist is intended as a general guide. Please refer to the Graduate Catalog for the most updated requirements and deadlines. Students take coursework at different rates, so the timeline is very general.


0-24 credits: Transfer M.A. coursework (if possible); take ENGL 7821 (Fall semester if GTA); take ENGL 7001 early in program; decide on plan for World Language requirement (some language courses are offered on an every other year rotation, so it is important to plan early); take courses to fill distribution requirements and electives; commit to exam areas.

25-36 credits: Take courses to fill distribution requirements and take several courses in each of the areas in which you plan to examine; use Directed Readings to explore areas of specialization and start narrowing dissertation topic; do independent reading for exams and organize/join study group.

37-48 credits: Take exams in two areas of specialization semester before you finish coursework; complete coursework and plan to use ENGL 7909 Doctoral Readings as an elective that will also allow you to organize your dissertation committee, prepare and present dissertation prospectus.

49-60 credits: If you do not take ENGL 7909, then you need to complete and defend prospectus during first semester of dissertation credits; complete a minimum of 12 dissertation hours and defend dissertation; search for post-graduation employment.


_____ENGL 7001 Introduction to Graduate Studies if required (best taken the first semester if possible.)

_____Check possibility of transferring M.A. coursework (see Graduate Advisor)

_____ENGL 7821 Seminar in Teaching Composition (required in the first Fall semester for GTAs)

_____World language requirement

_____Complete all area requirements

_____Complete Preliminary exams in two areas

_____Organize dissertation committee and submit Advisory Committee Form (may be done while taking ENGL 7909, Doctoral Readings); prepare and present dissertation prospectus; plan timeline for dissertation with dissertation director

_____Complete a minimum of 48 credit hours of coursework (including required ENGL 7001 and optional ENGL 7909), and a minimum of 12 hours of dissertation

_____File Intent to Graduate (semester in which you will defend the dissertation and graduate)

_____Submit defended dissertation to ProQuest

_____Submit Thesis/Dissertation Approval Page to College of Graduate Studies


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