42 Statement of Community Standards of Civil Behavior

The English Graduate Program fully endorses the statement of community standards and expectations issued by the office of the MTSU Provost for Academic Affairs, which can be found at www.mtsu.edu/student-conduct/code/index.php, including the following foundational principles:

  • the practice of personal honesty in all matters;
  • a positive regard for the dignity and value of each citizen in the community;
  • respect for the individual rights and possessions of community members;
  • disdain for bigotry and hatred expressed in any form or medium and directed toward identifiable groups or individuals in the community;
  • tolerance for the convictions and opinions of others, even when not in agreement with one’s own beliefs;
  • a recognition of community members’ mutual needs and concerns and acceptance of a responsibility held in common to support the personal growth and efforts of each individual in furtherance of the well-being of the entire community.

These expectations for community standards apply to all areas of graduate study—actual, virtual, and online classrooms, writing labs, library, group meetings, presentations, all communication venues, and any other forum.



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