29 Repeating Courses

Students should remain aware of their academic standing (outlined in Appendix 2) and the minimum GPA requirements of the College of Graduate Studies for the M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. The College of Graduate Studies allows graduate students to repeat graduate courses in which a grade lower than B- was earned, with restrictions and limitations as follows:

1. A student may repeat a maximum of 2 courses, not to exceed 8 credits combined, for a grade change (the grade in the second attempt replaces the grade in the first attempt in calculating the GPA; however, grades for both attempts remain on the transcripts).

2. Any third or subsequent repeat by the student will not result in a grade change or replacement.  In this case, all grades are calculated into the grade point average.

3. Graduate students may not repeat a course in which they have earned the grade of A, A-, B+, or B without written approval from the English Graduate Program Director and the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies. If granted, there will be no replacement in the GPA calculation; i.e., all attempts will be used in the GPA calculation and recorded on the transcript.

Students should consult with the graduate advisor if they decide to repeat a course to make sure they are making the most prudent decision.


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