21 Coursework

Graduate students take courses at the 6000 (M.A.) or 7000 (Ph.D.) level. Some courses taught at the 5000 level may also be accepted toward the M.A. Students should consult the Graduate Advisor to make sure they can apply a 5000-level course to their program.

Descriptions for all graduate courses appear in the Graduate Catalog.  In addition, fliers are often posted on bulletin boards and the hall monitors in the English Department areas of the third floor of Peck Hall describing courses to be taught in the coming semesters. Students should feel free to consult with the professor who will be teaching a course to find out more about it.

Course offerings for each upcoming semester appear in a class schedule, which is available online, usually around mid-term of the current semester. Once students know which courses they would like to take in a given semester, they can register for these courses online during their assigned registration period.

Note: Sometimes students try to “shop” courses; that is, they attend the first day of several courses, then decide which ones they will take and drop the others. This practice is actively discouraged as it effectively prevents other students from registering for courses that they need. Students who enroll in more than the allowed number of courses may be dropped immediately and without notice from all courses for which they have registered, necessitating their re-enrollment in whatever courses remain open at the time.


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