23 Directed Reading Courses

Directed reading courses (ENGL 6901/7901) allow a student to study a specific topic independently in areas not already covered by the regular curriculum of courses in the Graduate Catalog, or that have not been offered recently or are not scheduled to be offered during the student’s tenure. These courses should be directly related to the student’s degree program, research, and professional goals.

These courses require approval by the professor directing the reading and by the English Graduate Program Director. Before enrolling in a course of Directed Reading and Research, students must first successfully complete Introduction to Graduate Study: Bibliography and Research (ENGL 6001/7001). Students who wish to take a directed reading course should contact the specific professor they would like to study with well in advance of the semester in which they propose to take the course. Proposals for Directed Reading courses must be submitted by August 1 for the Fall semester, January 1 for the Spring semester, and May 1 for the Summer term.

Students may take as many as three directed reading courses; however, normally only two courses (6 hours) may be applied toward the minimum hours of coursework required for the degree.



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