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43 Wikipedia Is Good for You!?

James P. Purdy

In his essay from Writing Spaces, “Wikipedia Is Good for You!?” James P. Purdy addresses multiple ways that Wikipedia can inform your research process. Of course, like all tools, Wikipedia is not useful in all contexts, but it can be a great starting place for research, and it can spur effective writing habits that you might choose to transfer to other classes and situations.

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Author Bio

Dr. Jim Purdy is an Associate Professor of English/Writing Studies and Director of the University Writing Center. He received his doctorate in English with a specialization in writing studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His research and teaching interests include composition and writing center theory, digital humanities, digital writing and research practices and spaces, expertise, intellectual property, and Wikipedia. His research studies ways in which digital technologies shape and are shaped by the research and writing practices of scholars, from first-year college students to professional academics (



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