Appendix A: Documentation Styles (MLA & APA)

51 Applying MLA Citation: Works Cited Examples

Emilie Zickel and John Brentar

Here is a model Works Cited, with correct spacing and formatting. You can click on the “+” to get more information about the formatting and structure of the Works Cited.



For step-by-step guidance in looking at what several common types of Works Cited entries need to include, click below.


A Final Note about Works Cited Entries

Sometimes you may have difficulty deciding whether a source has been published in a magazine or a scholarly journal; after all, the word “journal” appears in the names of some magazines (for example, Library Journal).  Here are some tips that can help you:

  • Look at the kind of paper (especially useful if you have a hard copy). Magazines are printed on glossy paper; scholarly journals on matte paper.
  • Consider the graphics. Magazines print color graphics; if a journal article has graphics, they will be black and white and usually in the form of tables or graphs.
  • Search for the citations. Only rarely will magazines have in-text citations and bibliographies; journals will almost always have them.
  • Notice the advertisements. Magazines usually have color advertisements; if journals have ads, they will be for other works published by the same publisher as the journal.



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