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40 Making Research Ethical

Jennifer Clary-Lemon; Derek Mueller; and Kate L. Pantelides

In “Making Research Ethical,” Jennifer Clary-Lemon, Derek Mueller, and Kate Pantelides describe ethical research practices for both primary and secondary research. They consider what makes a source reliable, subjectivities authors bring to their research projects, and strategies to effectively evaluate authors and texts. The chapter also draws attention to ethical citation practices and closes with ways to approach research with people.

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Key Words from this chapter in Try This: Research Methods for Writers

positivist, communities of practice, constructivist, subjectivities, ethos, invention, delivery, semantic phase, bibliographic phase, affinity phase, choric phase, uptake, peer-reviewed, intertextuality, Institutional Review Boards (IRB), informed consent, ethical treatment, proximity, beneficence, research protocols, scripts, consent forms


Author Bios from Try This: Research Methods for Writers

Jennifer Clary-Lemon is Associate Professor of English at the University of Waterloo. She is the author of Planting the Anthropocene: Rhetorics of Natureculture, Cross Border Networks in Writing Studies (with Mueller, Williams, and Phelps), and co-editor of Decolonial Conversations in Posthuman and New Material Rhetorics (with Grant) and Relations, Locations, Positions: Composition Theory for Writing Teachers (with Vandenberg and Hum). Her research interests include rhetorics of the environment, theories of affect, writing and location, material rhetorics, critical discourse studies, and research methodologies. Her work has been published in Rhetoric Review, Discourse and Society, The American Review of Canadian Studies, Composition Forum, Oral History Forum d’histoire orale, enculturation, and College Composition and Communication.

Derek N. Mueller is Professor of Rhetoric and Writing and Director of the University Writing Program at Virginia Tech. His teaching and research attends to the interplay among writing, rhetorics, and technologies. Mueller regularly teaches courses in visual rhetorics, writing pedagogy, first-year writing, and digital media. He continues to be motivated professionally and intellectually by questions concerning digital writing platforms, networked writing practices, theories of composing, and discipliniographies or field narratives related to writing studies/rhetoric and composition. Along with Andrea Williams, Louise Wetherbee Phelps, and Jen Clary-Lemon, he is co-author of Cross-Border Networks in Writing Studies (Inkshed/Parlor, 2017). His 2018 monograph, Network Sense: Methods for Visualizing a Discipline (in the WAC Clearinghouse #writing series) argues for thin and distant approaches to discerning disciplinary patterns. His other work has been published in College Composition and CommunicationKairosEnculturationPresent TenseComputers and CompositionComposition Forum, and JAC.

Kate Lisbeth Pantelides is Associate Professor of English and Director of General Education English at Middle Tennessee State University. Kate’s research examines workplace documents to better understand how to improve written and professional processes, particularly as they relate to equity and inclusion. In the context of teaching, Kate applies this approach to iterative methods of teaching writing to students and teachers, which informs her recent co-authored project, A Theory of Public Higher Education (with Blum, Fernandez, Imad, Korstange, and Laird). Her work has been recognized in The Best of Independent Rhetoric and Composition Journals and circulates in venues such as College Composition and CommunicationComposition StudiesComputers and Composition, Inside Higher Ed, Journal of Technical and Professional Writing, and Review of Communication.



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