Introduction to First-Year Writing

2 MTSU Resources

Kate L. Pantelides and Erica M. Stone

Locating and using university resources will help you be successful in ENGL 1020 and other courses at MTSU. As a part-time or full-time student, you pay tuition and fees each semester to access each of the resources listed, described, and linked below. We encourage you to use this list as a menu for troubleshooting issues, accessing technology, and answering questions throughout your degree program.

Academic Calendar: This link includes important dates to know for registration, holidays, adding/dropping/withdrawing classes, and graduation.

Final Exam Schedule: Final exams often occur outside of normal class times. Use this website to find your final exam time(s).

Withdrawal Info: Remember that withdrawing from courses can impact financial aid, housing, meal plans, and future academic plans. Consult with your advisor before deciding to withdraw.

Tutoring Services: Tutoring is available in over 200 courses in subjects such as English, biology, math, and many more.

Healthcare Resources: Student Health Services is open Monday – Friday, and you can call their nurse after hours.

Mental Health Resources: Counseling Services offers free and low-cost services to students, as well as numerous other resources.

Career Resources: The Career Development Center is a place to visit throughout your time at MTSU. They can provide assistance with finding summer jobs and internships, as well as how to find the right job post-graduation.






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