A Note about Speech Delivery

Katie Gruber

As the previous chapter noted, your physical delivery plays a large role in effective delivery.  However, if you are still not convinced your posture and gestures are important, check this out:  What makes a TED Talk go viral? These 5 nonverbal patterns may explain | TED Blog


Additionally, if you would like to see examples of impromptu speaking, watch any awards show, when actors deliver acceptance speeches. Since they do not know beforehand that they will win, their comments are usually off-the-cuff. Since actors are also practiced speakers, they generally sound good! Here is such an example, from the 2002 Academy Awards: Denzel Washington Wins Best Actor at 74th Oscars.


To see an example of extemporaneous speaking, check out the viewer’s choice winner from the Department of Communication Studies 8th annual Speech Contest at Middle Tennessee State University: Why Video Games are Good for You.


You can find many examples of presidents through the years using manuscript style when delivering the State of the Union address. In this situation, precise wording is paramount and it is likely that the president’s words will become sound bites the next day, so he will want to get them exactly right.


For further information on each delivery type, visit the Communication Coach on YouTube via Types of Delivery for Speeches and Public Speaking (youtube.com).



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